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The concept of allows for video-based language learning. You can either watch single videos or complete courses. They have clips, trailers and ads, interactive exercises and quizzes, all in the original language. The platform has a speech recognition system as well as vocabulary and pronunciation tools, that give you a feedback.

There is also a teacher account available for English teachers, which is quite interesting. You create an account and enroll students to participate in your course. The tool allows you to monitor what they are doing.

The topics differ from topics for young learners to academic learners and the skills that are being trained include vocabulary, pronunciation and communication.

The standard version is for free but it won’t be enough to use it on a regular basis. So you will have to buy it.

With regards to listening, the advantages are

- that they offer videos on many different topics

- the videos and the subtitles are all in the original language

- the speaking rate is adaptable

- you can stop, rewind and repeat a video or a sentence

- and the pronunciation tool tells you that you didn’t pronounce something properly.